Designing your website

Having collected the requirements and agreed on a price for the site we will put together a storyboard - an outline of how the site will be structured and what will be on each page.  This will enable us to fine tune your requirements.

We will work with any logo or graphics you want included and come up with an overall look for the site which reflects your organisation's identity.

We will discuss and make suggestions as to how the site navigation should work - the sort of menus you want and how to link content together both internally and externally.

This design process may merge to some extent with the build process because it is often easier to prototype some pages first.  You can then see exactly how they will look to a visitor and we can refine the style, colours and fonts.  It is always best to get these tied down as soon as possible because the build process will then be quicker and easier.  That is not to say you can't change your mind later, but it could add to the cost if you do.

Once you are happy with the design we can start to build your site in earnest.