Content Management

Having a Content Management System built into your site allows you to add and change things yourself using a word-processor style editor as shown on the right. 

You can make changes to the text and add articles and images without changing the structure of the site. This means that once we have built the site you can do most of its day-to-day maintenance yourself.

This can be done at a simplistic level - in other words a single administrator can be given full powers to edit and publish content.  Alternatively we can set up a hierarchy of access, with some people allowed to create articles, some allowed to edit articles, and some (or perhaps only one) allowed to publish them.  That way you can have as much or as little control over the content as you want.

You can have the option to upload and display images directly on the site, or we can provide a facility to display items from other sites such as Flickr or YouTube.  This will allow people to upload content in a way that they are used to and it will automatically appear on your site.

From this you can see that an Editable Site is ideal for a business or an organisation with continually changing information. Most clubs and societies for example will most likely want to go beyond simply providing information about what they do and where they meet.  They will want events calendars, reports of meetings, a members' registry, mailings to members and so on.  Almost certainly they will want photos and videos of activities, and they may well have a blog or a feed from Twitter.